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About 80% of data has a geographic component

Spatial Data is EveryWHERE

  • Geospatial Intelligence is the ability to gain insights from the geographic component of data.  Based on a location parameter, data can be visualized, linked and enriched with other data sources.
  • The geographic overlay of different data enables a fuller view of the market context. Data can be seen and understood from site level to the global scale.
  • These <location-based > insights empower informed decision making, from strategy to task optimization.
  • Powered by GIS technology.

GeoBI Solutions - Geo Analytics & Mapping


Data tables to Maps:

Since 80% of data is geographic - coordinates, address, city or zip code - it can be displayed on a map through a geocoding  process.

Maps can tell the story spreadsheets cannot, i.e. spatial patterns and relationships.


Extraction of intelligence from data:

- Geo-statistics and predictive models

for location-based insights and efficient decisions.

- Analytical outputs in map and table format.


Production of digital Maps from

Satellite and Aerial Imagery:

Extreme Event Assessment:

Wildfires, Urban Sprawl

Floods, Water Scarcity

Geospatial Analytics is a powerfull tool

to support major strategic decisions

Geospatial Business Intelligence uses: Gain Market Knowledge, Identify Marketing and Sales Opportunities, Customer Knowledge, Optimize Operational Tasks



Strategic Geo Insights 

Tailored for each need

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Analytics and Web Maps


   - Dynamic map over Basemap

   - Local detail and regional context

   - Selectable multi-data layers

   - Shareable weblink

   - Feature data table displayed in pop-up window


  . Data Sources for several Geographies

  . Geocoding


  More than ever, Knowledge is Power

Vanessa Mateus, Geospatial Analyst

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