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Wildfire Damage Assessment

Portugal Wildfires 2017 - What Actually Burned

- Burnt area extension (ha, date)

- Affected Land Use - Agriculture, Forest, Shrubland, Urban

- Populated Locations, Municipalities

Metadata and analytical results here

Damage assessment - Extension and Land Cover

The web map shows the geographical extent of the 2017 Wildfires in Portugal – Central region only, using CopernicusEMS data.

It is estimated that over 310 000 hectares (3100 sq. km) were burned. Two of the major fires combined - Pedrogao Grande (Leiria District) and Nelas, extended up to 265 000 ha – 86% of the total burnt area.

Insights: The Land Cover classes mostly affected were:

Forestry 47% (especially Pine trees, with 23% of total burnt extent), Shrubland 42%, followed by Agriculture 10% and Urbanized areas with 0.5% (1 460 hectares).

Vanessa Mateus, Geospatial Analyst



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