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Demos with web maps and data dashboards with main intel takeaways, using NYC open data.

 NYC Tenant - Landlord, Building Problems


  • What type of building maintenance problems concern NYC's residential tenants? 
  • What are the major complaints,
  • Where are the critical locations,
  • Who is affected, 
  • Problem Trends (2010 - 2018).

Desktop Only


 NYC 311 Rodent Complaints

The NYC311 Rodent Complaints data was used to develop an interactive map representing locations across the NYC area where rodent related issues are chronically reported.

An investigation was also conducted on how the surrounding area looks like in terms of urban use in locations where rodent related complaints are the highest.

Additionally, the distance between a Rat sighting and a nearby NYC Urban Features (residential buildings, food-related businesses, Subway) was calculated. This proximity analysis allows a better understanding of the brown rat territory preferences in NYC.


Restaurants around Manhattan's Train Stations 

Cuisine Diversity (food type), Restaurant Density and Food Safety

This study focuses on gathering intelligence about restaurant characteristics around Manhattan’s subway stations. It is also a proximity or distance analysis because it only considers restaurants within a 330 feet range (~1 ½ city block).

Through geospatial analytics some questions can be addressed:

  • If a subway could be described by one cuisine or food type, what would it be?  *
  • Which subway station(s) has more cuisine options?
  • How safe is Food around subway stations? **
  • Where's the highest concentration of restaurants in Manhattan?>see the Manhattan’s Restaurant Density Map

* NYC has a total of 78 different cuisine types.

** Data source: DOHMH New York City Restaurant Inspection Results.

Data Visualization

NYC Spoken Languages


What Languages New Yorkers Speak At Home - Interactive Map. 

NYC, a city of immigrants and so many languages. Some experts believe New York is home to as many as 800 languages. This study identifies the most representative language by Census tract. 

Web Map made with older technology. 

NYC Museums and Galleries Locations

NYC has a full hand of museums - from art, science and history. This map helps you locate all NYC museums,

search by museum name and address,

and has a "locate me" tool so you can  locate the ones closest to you

TimeOut guide to all the free and reduced-admission museum days.

Click on icon.

NYC Filming Locations


New York has provided some of the most iconic moments on film. This map is based on the filming locations included in the book "Scenes from the City" by James Sanders covering 233 locations from 1945 to 2006.

Although incomplete, this interactive map is a relevant repertoire of street locations chosen by many directors across decades.  

It's also interesting to see how some locations change through time, comparing the then and now.

app with

search tool by film title

Extra: List of films and documentaries set in New York.  The oldest one is "What Happened on Twenty-third Street" from 1901.

Click on Wikipedia icon for the full list.

Assessment and Optimization

Portugal Wildfires 2017

- What Actually Burned

June 2017

Business Intelligence

- Sales Territory Optimization



Vanessa Mateus - Geospatial Consultant