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About 80% of data has a geographic component

Spatial Data is EveryWHERE

  • Geospatial Intelligence is the ability to gain insights from the geographic component of data
  • Through the location parameter, data can be visualized on a map, analyzed and enriched with other data sources, providing a fuller context.
  • Location-based insights empowers informed and strategic decision making.

GeoBI Solutions


Data tables to Maps:

Since 80% of data is geographic - coordinates, address, city or zip code - it can be displayed on a map through a geocoding process.


Maps can tell the story spreadsheets cannot: spatial patterns and relationships.



Extraction of intelligence from data:

- Density ~ Hot-spot analysis

 - Distance analysis ~ Spatial Searches  

- Network analysis ~ drive and walk distance

- Population ~ Consumer profiling




Production of digital Maps from

Satellite and Aerial Imagery.


~ Development of classification algorithm for each specific use.



Deliverables - Insight tools tailored for each need

Analytics, Web Maps and Dashboard Apps


- Interactive Maps with your data

- Enriched with relevant data to give context

- Advanced geo-analytics for further insights

- Analysis Dashboards - Data visualization with interactive charts and main results.


  . Base data for several geographies

  . Geocoding

Vanessa Mateus, Geospatial Analyst


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